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realest moment in black tv.

For the people who don’t know why it’s so real: it’s because the white guy actually did the crime
Whatever happened to Ride This Beat?


I was promised a Ride This Beat music video. I want one. It was going to be the opening for Keke’s music career. It was a full music video. it featured BOB.  Lowdown video on youtube even pumped up the video by showing the behind the scenes. Viemo has footage of the video. But the video never premiered. I’m still wondering when it’s coming out.

its never coming out. keke didn’t like the video. and honestly it wasn’t the best video for her to come out with as a serious music artist.


3 queens.

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Janelle: Y’all, ain’t that…..?
Bey: Mmhmm…
Solange: Mmmhmmm….
Erykah: Mmhmm…..